My Profile

My Profile

In the My Profile section, you can update your own profile, activate or deactivate experts you manage and change your password.

Note: This is NOT where you create Expert Profiles.  Learn more about where and how to create Expert Profiles.

Your Profile

Much of the basic information on your profile, such as your name, organization, subscriber type, and email id, is already set up for you by our Product Advocate team when they create your account.  That means you are not required to add additional information on this page, but you can fill in any of the additional details about yourself.  In fact, the best way to enhance your ProfNet profile is to take advantage of the enriched multimedia capabilities on the ProfNet Connect social network.

ProfNet Connect provides you with options to integrate photos, videos, white papers and more into your profile, and makes it easier to connect with journalists, bloggers and other industry professionals.

To get set up with access to ProfNet Connect, please contact our Product Advocate team.  They are available during business hours Monday –Friday by phone at 1-800-482-4220 or by email at

My Experts

On the My Experts tab, you can see a list of the ProfNet Expert profiles you manage.  The list shows their name, status (either Active or Inactive), and has an option to set autoforwarding options.  Simply select the checkbox next to the profile(s) you want to update, and then click on the Activate or Deactivate buttons below.

Inactive profiles will not show up in the results when Journalists search for experts and cannot be attached to your query responses.


Autoforwarding is an option available in ProfNet used to automatically send the daily Queries you receive directly to the experts you manage.  If you are a communications professional that likes to act as an intermediary between journalists and your experts, then this option is not for you.  If you want to remove yourself as the “middle man” and let your experts view and respond directly to queries, then autoforwarding what you can use to make that happen. 

As autoforwarding is one of the more advanced options in ProfNet, our trained Product Advocates are available to walk you through setting it up.  They are available during business hours Monday – Friday by phone at 1-800-482-4220 or by email at

Change Password

You can use this tab to change your password.  Remember, ProfNet uses the same password as PR Newswire's Agility, Online Member Center, iReach services, so if you change your ProfNet password here, you are also changing it those other services.

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