My Profile


Under the "My Profile" tab, you can view your own ProfNet Connect profile information, and any Experts you manage on ProfNet Connect. You can also change your ProfNet password.

Note: This is NOT where you create Expert Profiles that is done on ProfNet Connect. Learn how to create Expert Profiles here.


My ProfNet Connect Profile

Upon becoming a ProfNet subscriber through PR Newswire, a Communications Professional Profile is created for you on the ProfNet Connect site. This profile will be set up with some of your basic information (such as your name, organization, and email address).

You are not required to add additional information to your ProfNet Connect profile*, but if you do, it will sync back to this page for your reference. Conversely, any updates you make on this form will sync back to your profile on the ProfNet Connect site.

*The exception to this is if you are a Communications Professional who will be creating/managing Expert Profiles. Before you can create Expert Profiles, your own ProfNet Connect profile must be completed in full. Reference this guide for assistance with that process.

Note: Communications Professional Profiles on ProfNet Connect align with the SIO and IO user roles for ProfNet. Expert Profiles on ProfNet Connect align with the Expert user role for ProfNet. You will learn more about SIOs, IOs, and Experts in this section.


My Managed Experts

Under the "My Managed Experts" subtab, you can view a list of the Expert Profiles you've created and manage on ProfNet Connect. The list displays the Experts' names and their profile statuses (Active or Inactive). Inactive Expert Profiles will not show up in search results on ProfNet Connect, and cannot be attached to query responses or used in auto-forwarding.

To enable query auto-forwarding for any Active Expert you manage, simply select the option to "Set Auto-forward" – this will redirect you to a form where you can select your Expert's forwarding parameters. Auto-forwarding is explained in more detail below.


Query Auto-forwarding

Managed Experts within an organization (like your CEO, for instance) do not typically receive ProfNet queries like you and your colleagues. Instead, you might manage incoming queries on their behalf and pass along any relevant opportunities.

Auto-forwarding is an available option within the ProfNet site which automatically sends daily queries directly to your managed Experts, based on established topic parameters. This functionality can be enabled by navigating to My Profile > My Managed Experts > Set Auto-forward for a specific Expert. You may then select query categories and subcategories that pertain to that Expert's areas of study. Save the criteria by clicking the green "Set Auto-forward" button, and continue onto the next Expert's auto-forward critieria.

Experts must have profiles listed on ProfNet Connect in order to utilize this function; to enable proper forwarding, please also ensure his/her email address is filled out in his/her ProfNet Connect Expert Profile under Edit Profile > Account Settings. Learn how to create Expert Profiles here.


Change Password

Use this area to change your password for the ProfNet site — updating your ProfNet Connect password will need to be done separately on that site. For convenience, we suggest setting them to both be the same.

Note: PR Newswire's Online Member Center, iReach and ProfNet subscription use the same login information. If you have an Online Member Center or iReach account, your Online Member Center or iReach password will be updated to match your new ProfNet password.